this is a super long rant about my illness (non mental). I just need to vent.

My allergies are fucked up. Im allergic to almost every tree pollen, every type of grass. All most all molds, dusts, and cat dander and fucking cockroaches. They are ruining my life. Its given me severe asthma. I cant walk to and from class without getting sick (some CA schools are outdoors. I know. Its weird). I cant run. I cant be outside that much. And im probably going to have to start wearing a surgical mask. I take shots for my allergies and they arent helping. So im going from 2 everyweek to 4 everyweek.

My lungs are so weak. My breathing/lung strength should be at 700 bit its at 350 on a good day. If you’ve ever seen birds bones, you know they are hollow. With odd holes and my lungs feel like i have solid lungs with a few holes in it to breathe. I want to run. Be healthy. Loose weight with exercise and get toned. But i cant. Im living off my inhalers (3 of them) and my 8 pills a day. Im turning 16 in three months and im so fucking sick. Just fuck this.